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schaerodessa-logo-blaubig SCHAERODESSA with a flair for the unusual We design and realize museums, brandlands, tourist facilities, expositions and multimedia – shows. We create narratives, which we turn into emotional dramaturgy and touching images.


Hugo Schaer

Hugo Schaer was born in 1952 in Lucerne, Switzerland. Schooling at the Teachers’ College Hitzkirch, classes at the School of Design in Lucerne, studies at the Académie Grand Chaumière in Paris. From 1980 on: exhibitions, productions and art projects in Switzerland and abroad. 1995 marriage to Iryna Tkachenko, since then studios in Giswil (CH) and in Kyiv (UA). Besides painting, objects, art in public spaces and interdisciplinary art projects, since 1997 video work. Association of Swiss Painters, Sculptors and Architects. 1996 – 2000 board member. 2000 – 2005 as Art Director for Steiner Sarnen Schweiz, Hugo Schaer plans brandlands, museums and exhibitions: World of Wine LOISIUM (AT), The Museum of History Lucerne (CH), Swissarena Swiss Museum of Transport, Lucerne (CH), The Castle of Neuenbuerg Museum (DE), Obwalden at the LUGA, Exibition, Lucerne (CH), ect. 2005 Hugo and Iryna leave Switzerland and settle in Odessa. Under the label “filmOdessa” they realise three short films put together as “The Odessa Trilogy”. Hugo Schaer created the overall concept of the Wine Culture Centre in SHABO and led its realisation. 2009 For the “Wine Culture Centre SHABO” Hugo Schaer received the “Golden Arch” Award in the category: art in public space.The Wine Culture Centre SHABO has been recognized as European culture heritage. 2012 SCHAERODESSA has moved to the new Studio “Casa dell’Arte” in Liguria, Italy. 2012/2013 Conception of the Museum for the Russian Champagne House “Abrau Durso” (RU) and the National Maritime Museum in Odessa (UA), together with m.o.l.i.t.o.r., Berlin.

Iryna Schaer-Tkachenko

Iryna Schaer-Tkachenko was born in Kyiv, Ukraine. She studied music at the Zhukovsky School and economics at the Ukrainian National Technological University in Kyiv. In 1991 she got doctoral degree in economics and in 1995 became the associate professor (docent) at the Economy and Management Department of the above University. In 1995 she obtained the scholarship at the University Purdu in the USA (international marketing, strategic management). In 1995 she married swiss painter Hugo Schaer and up to 2005 lived and worked in Switzerland. She completed a postgraduate degree in economic information science at High Economic School, University of Lucerne. Since 2000, she has arranged and carried out cultural tours into Ukraine. She has organised projects of cultural exchange between Ukraine and Switzerland, Germany and Italy. She has worked as the production manager of Hugo Sсhаer’s video art and film projects. In 2005, she became an executive producer for filmodessa. In 2006 she completed production courses at the Hollywood School in Ukraine in Kyiv. From 2005 to 2009 she worked as the culture manager for the brandland Wine Culture Centre SHABO. 2012/13 Project manager for the Museum Russian Champagne House “Abrau Durso” (RU) and the National Maritime Museum in Odessa (UA), together with m.o.l.i.t.o.r., Berlin.


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“E LA NAVE VA…” / New small wooden sculptures


My vehicle is the ship. It carries my stories.
Mein Gefährt ist das Schiff. Es transportiert meine Geschichten.
Il mio veicolo è la nave che trasporta le mie storie.

Small wooden sculptures    
Price on request/ Prezzo su richiesta  

Ceramic plates

Piatti in Ceramica produziert bei G. Mazzotti in Albisola, Italien

Ceramic plates produced by FACTORY G. MAZZOTTI 1903, Albisola, Italy

d = 42 cm

Price on request / Prezzo su richiesta

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The presentation of the vision of the Château Mukhrani Wine World (Georgia)

Château Mukhrani Wine World , near Tbilisi (Georgia)
The presentation of the vision of Hugo Schaer / SCHAERODESSA

Visitors want to see and understand what they drink! They do not just want to drink wine, but also taste emotions and secrets, and thus more and more become a passionate connoisseur of wines from Château Mukhrani.
“Château Mukhrani is based on the historical tradition of wine-making in Mukhrani region. This is the first and the only true Georgian Royal Chateau, which unites four key components: vineyards, winery, castle and history. In 1512 Mukhrani became the prince’s estate, governed by Bagrationi royal family. Mukhranian wine production was established by Ivane Mukhranbatoni a famous representative of royal family, political and public figure of the 19th century. In 1876, Ivane Mukhranbatoni returned from France with Chateau concept knowledge and since then the history of Château Mukhani’s winemaking starts.”

sketch: Hugo Schaer;  photos: Château Mukhrani.