IL LIBRO / Vasia (Imperia), Italy

June 23, 2019. Inauguration of the iron sculpture “IL LIBRO” as a sign for the library of Vasia (Imperia), Italy.

PORTRAIT PAINTING – a personal atlas

Youtube video link:   PORTRAIT PAINTING. HUGO SCHAER. 2017/18

PORTRAITS PAINTING – a personal atlas
From 1995 to 2005 in Kiev I created my tile pictures, which were printed with wooden stamps in several layers on canvas. These tile prints serve, now many years later, as a background for my portrait painting. The horizontal and vertical lines of the tile grid form a coordinate systemlike the latitudes and longitudes of a map, in which I locate the portraits of my favourite painters, sculptors, musicians, writers….

Your personal favorite
On request I also paint your favourite painters, sculptors, musicians, writers…
Portrait Painting, 40cm x 40cm, oil on canvas,
price on request







The catalogue “leinenlos” / Hugo Schaer / Kathrin Schär/ grunder perren

For the exhibition leinenlos from Hugo Schaer and Kathrin Schär at the gallery grunder perren a small catalogue is published.
A5, 52 pages, text Urs Bugmann, photos Melk Imboden, design Andrej Gulyj, print Tipografia Nante (Imperia)
© Edizione Casa dell’ Arte, 2018


La Cucina web

Ceramic panels by Hugo Schaer produced in the Fabbrica Ceramiche Giuseppe Mazzotti 1903,  Albisola, Italy

The booklet “Pannelli di Ceramica Hugo Schaer” (pdf download)

In Albisola, the ceramic city of Italy on the Ligurian Sea, you will find the traditional “Manifattura Ceramiche Giuseppe Mazzotti 1903″, where artists from all over the world have been producing high-quality ceramic art since the beginning of the 20th century. Picasso also worked here.
The collaboration with Tuglio Mazzotti is very inspiring and brings results in best quality.
Since 2014 I have been producing Pannelli, ceramics – pictures in bright colours for interiors such as entrances, staircases, corridors, kitchens, bathrooms …
The ceramic pictures are very hard-wearing and weatherproof. They are therefore also suitable for outdoor use, such as facades, atriums, terraces. The colours retain their luminosity for “eternal” times.

In Albisola, der Keramik – Stadt Italiens am Ligurischen Meer, befindet sich die traditionsreiche “Manifattura Ceramiche Giuseppe Mazzotti 1903″, wo seit anfangs des 20. Jahrhunderts Künstler aus aller Welt hochwertige Keramikkunst produzieren. Auch Picasso arbeitete hier.
Die Zusammenarbeit mit Tuglio Mazzotti ist sehr inspirierend und bringt Resultate in bester Qualität.
Seit 2014 produziere ich hier Pannelli, Keramik – Bilder in leuchtenden Farben für Innenräume wie Eingänge, Treppenhäuser, Korridore, Küchen, Bäder…
Die Keramik – Bilder sind sehr strapazierfähig und wetterfest. Sie sind darum auch für den Aussenraum, wie Fassaden, Vorhallen, Terrassen geeignet. Die Farben behalten ihre Leuchtkraft für „ewige“ Zeiten.

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