THE ODESSA TRILOGY (2006 – 2008)

THE ODESSA TRILOGY.  Part 1.  Tramway N°5

18’47, short length movie
Hugo Schaer, Ukraine / Switzerland, 2006
Music Arakel Semenov, Montage Alexandr Karyshev
Starring: Galina Vorobjova, Jelena Kolesnichenko, Arakel Semenov, Julia Skarga
Director of production Iryna Schaer-Tkachenko

The film audience experiences an extraordinary journey as passengers on the legendary tramway N°5, travelling from Odessa’s amusement district and Arcadia Beach to the end of the line at the tram depot. It is a voyage during which the boundary between reality and the dream world magically shifts…

Tramway Nr.5 Odessa Trilogy_Plakat